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Role / Function
Graphic Design Team Leader
3D Modeling / Textures
3D Modeling / Textures
Particle and Texture Animation / Kit - Bashing
Rigging and Animation
Rigging and Animation

Character Name
... C.A.R.R.
... Corporal Burns, Additional Voices
... Corporal McMahon, Additional Voices
... Dr. Jennifer Halsey, Additional Voices
... Lieutenant Rand, Additional Voices
... Dr. Benjamin Melrose, Condor Unit, Additional Voices
... Dispatch Officer, A-6 Anti-Air Unit, Additional Voices
... Sergeant Peters, Police Sergeant, S.C.O.U.T. Alpha, Additional Voices
... Colonel Graves, Additional Voices
... Additional Voices
... Sergeant Rollins, Combat Support Vehicle Unit, Additional Voices
... Additional Voices
... Lieutenant Trenchard, Combat Infantryman Unit, Additional Voices
... S.C.O.U.T. Beta, Routhe Tank Unit, Additional Voices
... Additional Voices
... Additional Voices
... Officer Myra Davis, Additional Voices
... Judicator Coranine, Additional Voices
... Additional Voices
... Additional Voices
... Additional Voices
... Mallock
... Judicator Drealan
... Judicator Alyndrea, Additional Voices
... Judicator Albrun, Vaeregoth, Zathren, Slohr
... Xanon
... Legion
... Senator June Shu-Xian
... Fleet Admiral Karla Wainwright

OTHER PRODUCTION TEAM MEMBERS (LotC: Past Purposes for StarCraft II)

Role / Function
Executive Producer, Writer, Level Design
Marketing Coordinator, Quality Assurance
2D Art, Soundtrack, Quality Assurance
Graphics Integration, Quality Assurance, Art Team Contributor
2D Art

GRAPHIC DESIGN TEAM (LotC: Past Purposes for StarCraft II)

VOICE CAST (LotC: Past Purposes for StarCraft II) - Some unlisted roles still open for casting call

Legacy of the Confederation represents the collaboration of team members from all corners of the world.  Together, everyone shares the same vision that is NexusCore's one and only produce awesome games.

Below you'll see the cast, crew, and contributors that make LotC for StarCraft II possible.

Team Member
 The Oracle (alias)
Jason Truxal
Joel Steudler
Caevrane (alias)
SoulFilcher (alias) 

Team Member
Chris Darby
Joan Santus
Dachi Gog
Patrik Seidl
Amit Sharma