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A good story is one thing, a good script is another, but what breathes life into these two things are the actors.  A good actor can elevate the story just as surely as a bad actor can relegate a story to the abyss of forgotten media.

Production values also play a big role when it comes to games.  A well acted line that is produced using 8,000 Hz, 8-bit Mono will still sound like it's being spoken through a rotary telephone.  Since games are so heavily dependent on the voice overs to give characters believability, we've paid the utmost attention not only to the quality of the actors we've hired for the LotC project, but also the quality of the final edited voice overs. 

Below are some samples of voiceovers you'll hear in Episode 1: Past Purposes for StarCraft 2.  We won't say, at least at this juncture, which character is saying what...but for those of you who played NexusCore's LotC campaign for StarCraft / Brood War, you'll have an inkling.

  • Past Purposes: Sound Sample 10:12
  • Past Purposes: Sound Sample 20:11
  • Past Purposes: Sound Sample 30:16
  • Past Purposes: Sound Sample 40:04
  • Past Purposes: Sound Sample 50:09
  • Past Purposes: Sound Sample 60:22