Imagine a StarCraft universe in which the United Earth Directorate never existed...because it never got the chance to form.  In 2248, the Zerg instead arrive on earth, long before the events of StarCraft and its sequels.  No one knows why the aliens came to earth or what they are, but it is clear that humankind's technology of that era is not sufficiently advanced to hold back the invading force.

LotC is a custom campaign for StarCraft II created by NexusCore and made possible  using Blizzard Entertainment's published game developer tools.  LotC follows an alternate timeline which starts with the attack on earth and moves on from there, with events converging (eventually) into StarCraft canon.

Custom portraits, custom units graphics rendered from scratch, and even some kit-bashing will create a unique experience for LotC's players

Got questions?  We're still pretty small so you've got a direct line to the developers (none of that call center stuff)