Got questions?  We're still pretty small so you've got a direct line to the developers (none of that call center stuff)

(Who is this guy anyway?)

What is this thing?  Our lips are sealed.

One of earth's defending soldiers meeting an untimely fate.

Hero portrait tested in the game engine, ready for rigging and animation

Whether it be custom splash screens (like this image), custom portraits, custom unit graphics, or custom buildings, LotC will feature all of these elements as part of the upcoming campaign experience.

Meet one of your upcoming hero characters.

Hero portrait base model complete, pending game integration and texture touch-up

The graphics team for LotC is working diligently to bring the campaign's visuals to life.  Each custom graphic goes through multiple iterations until the desired aesthetic is realized.  Design work includes base models, textures / maps, rigging and animation, and extensive testing within the game engine.

Earth's tech in 2248 is far inferior to what the Terran Dominion brings to bear in the Koprulu Sector 250 years later.  You'll find no siege tanks here; the United Powers League tank brigades still pack a punch, however.