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LotC: Past PurposesReady, Set...GO!

Meet the project teamArtists, voice actors, and more

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Want to know more about the custom units? Curious as to how we created voice over effects that sound like they're coming out of a radio? Ask, and we shall answer.

Where it all began, Past Purposes is the first of three episodes which will be released for StarCraft 2


Sporting 18 missions, over three hours of high quality voice acting, and a bevy of custom unit and portrait graphics, Past Purposes will deliver  a custom campaign experience like no other for StarCraft 2.

The crew that makes LotC possible


NexusCore has partnered with amazing talent from all over the world.  Using today's online communication and meeting tech, the

team is able to collaborate in ways that required a single on-site office just five years ago.  Of course telecommuting has its drawbacks, like no free sodas in the break room vending machine...