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Q:  What is Legacy of the Confederation?

A:  Legacy of the Confederation a/k/a LotC is a custom campaign for StarCraft II that is produced by NexusCore Games.  Utilizing publicly available developer tools published by StarCraft II producer Blizzard Entertainment, NexusCore is able to design and integrate its own custom graphics and sound assets to provide players with a unique campaign experience.

Q:  What is 'custom' about this custom campaign, LotC?

A:  LotC will have eleven new buildable units complete with unique custom-made graphics and portraits, over a dozen custom-made hero portraits and several custom hero in-game units, ten custom building graphics, and over three hours of custom in-game dialogue spoken by 140 characters.  Additionally, LotC will carry a completely new soundtrack, new splash screens, and more...

Q:  What is LotC's storyline?  How does it fit in with StarCraft's?

A:  All of the events of Blizzard Entertainment's 1998 StarCraft game occurred in the LotC universe.  The differences begin with the original Brood War expansion.  There is no United Earth Directorate...it never had a chance to form.  The Zerg invaded earth 250 years prior to the Arcturus Mengsk's rise to power.  Legacy of the Confederation, Episode 1 takes place during that time, as earth's government in 2248, the United Powers League, attempts to drive back the worldwide alien attack.

Q:  How many episodes are planned for Legacy of the Confederation?

A:  Three (Episode 2 starts 8 months after the Overmind invaded Aiur before being destroyed by Tassadar).  Episode 1 is the only LotC episode that occurs in the past.

Q:  How many missions are planned for Legacy of the Confederation, episode 1?

A:  Eighteen

The Q&A (Questions asked by you and answered in grab bag format)

Q:  I've seen Protoss portrait and unit graphics on the LotC update(s) and also have heard Protoss voice overs.  How do the Protoss fit into LotC?

A:  That one won't be answered here.  And even if you think you know...you don't.

Q:  Is the prologue the same setting for LotC in StarCraft 2 as it was in LotC for StarCraft Brood War?

A:  No (LotC in StarCraft 2 does not have a prologue).

Q:  Will there be any of those three hour missions?

A:  No, any mission which is projected to go longer than an hour will be broken into multiple missions.

Q:  Is Vaeregoth in LotC for StarCraft 2?

A:  Yes (Please see the Cast and Crew page for details).

Q:  Many of the units throughout the original 3-4 missions (LotC for StarCraft: Brood War) had interesting modifications to their stats.  What are your plans regarding these?

A:  Units for LotC in StarCraft II will not have modifications to stats that change map to map.

Q:  Amongst the custom graphics, will custom tile sets be included, as well as custom doodads exclusive to this campaign?  Do you plan on using a lot of the tile sets/assets from WoL/HotS/LotV dependencies?

A:  There are no current plans to include a custom tileset for Episode 1: Past Purposes.  Some custom doodads may appear however (perhaps more on this will be seen in an LotC Mega Update).  Additionally, it is expected that dependencies from all three primary Blizzard StarCraft II campaigns will be used to some extent.

Q:  When will LotC: Past Purposes be released?

A:  It is too soon to give a release date.

Q:  Will LotC be available on the Blizzard Arcade?

A:  Due to the size of the map files (and mod file) that will be part of LotC Episode 1, it is not possible to upload these to the arcade unless Blizzard provides us with more space for this purpose.  Blizzard's current cap is far less than what we need to ensure the campaign can be uploaded in full.

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